Goals & Problem space

Giant Bomb created an eclectic array of content in the past but increasingly leaned towards creating podcasts and video content without a proper homepage that reflected this.

The previous homepage presented most of its content through a catch-all feed, making much of what was published lost in the crowd no matter the subject or content type.

Design Opportunities

As Giant Bomb started to focus more on podcasts and video content, the homepage had an opportunity to as well but lacked the chance to showcase this content through different angles. While the page had content listed by recency, there was an absence to show content in different groupings: by event, popularity, subject matter, etc.

The homepage had an opportunity to help users discover new things to watch or listen to but was limited by having only a single feed of content that couldn't change and evolve the way content does over time.

Original Homepage

Redesigned Homepage


Homepage Redesign