I joined the fitness startup early on to lead design for the team. From 2013 to 2015, I established the visual identity while creating and maintaining work across UI, UX, print, and various aspects of design.

Logo & Color Palette


While most fitness brands lean into edgier, more serious tones in their visual identity we wanted to convey three core things: a sense of community, fun, and uniqueness.

The logo mark was made to capture this by combining imagery of a pinwheel, asterisk, and a group of five individual hands coming together in the middle of a circle.

Color Palette

One of the core needs for the visual identity was to express the feeling of fun to match the tone of the workouts Fitmob brought our users. Bringing a lot of colors into the brand allowed us to have a bright, inviting presence in the fitness space.

Having a large color palette also allowed us to have a lot of flexibility day to day. Elements like signage and clothing could have a lot of variety without straying outside of the core design elements.

Physical Implementation

Print, clothing, signage, etc.

Digital Implentation

Web, mobile apps